Disease X: The Unknown Pandemic

Disease X: The Looming Shadow of the Unknown Pandemic

Disease X. It’s a name that sends shivers down the spines of healthcare professionals and public health officials worldwide. Not because it’s a specific illness, but because it represents the chilling unknown – a hypothetical, highly contagious, and potentially deadly pathogen waiting to unleash its wrath on humanity. While this may sound like a plot

How its bad if Antarctica continuing turning green ?


What if Antarctica Turns Green ? Climatic conditions have become more severe since the start of the industrial transformation in the world, and this has led to devastating effects on ecosystems and various species, and climate change today threatens the viability of the Earth’s surface this time in Antarctica. New changes in Antarctica amazed the

Chernobyl Fungus That Eats Radiation!! A Gift to the Astronauts


A recent study about nuclear radiation has come up with a discovery that could pave the way to knowing more about space, with the help of fungi found growing inside the Chernobyl reactor that exploded decades ago causing the largest nuclear disaster in history. Space shields and the radiation  Protecting astronauts from deadly cosmic rays

Human Genome: The ‘Invisible Man’ with One Bold Step


Effective disguise and Human Genome Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Scientists break into the human genome of human cells and make them invisible, they gave human cells the ability to squid to hide A team of scientists has managed to make human cells hide, by modifying their genome using the squid genome, according to the

The Artificial Proteins and The Logic Gates

Artificial proteins function as logic gates transform cells into computers

Cells with new proteins functions Synthetic biology is defined as the study of how cells are engineered to give them new functions with artificial proteins that allow them to implement advanced programs; Such as the detection and response to pathological conditions, through the editing of the cell genome, which causes a permanent modification that is

Jurassic park an amazing dream to be reality


The movie franchise Jurassic Park is a cult classic that entices our imagination, making us wonder what the world would be like if we really did succeed in bringing dinosaurs back into existence. Few aspects of keeping a dinosaur There are a few aspects of keeping a dinosaur park that would definitely differ from the

Biometric Identification: Discover how you are unique

Biometric Identification Along with your fingerprints  as an Biometric Identification, other parts of the body make you special and unique. Fingerprints are a very useful part of the human body. We are used to being identified with them, in addition to solving crimes, sealing contracts for approximately 100 years, now, it serves to unlock the