Disease X: The Unknown Pandemic

Disease X: The Looming Shadow of the Unknown Pandemic

Disease X. It’s a name that sends shivers down the spines of healthcare professionals and public health officials worldwide. Not because it’s a specific illness, but because it represents the chilling unknown – a hypothetical, highly contagious, and potentially deadly pathogen waiting to unleash its wrath on humanity. While this may sound like a plot

Human Genome: The ‘Invisible Man’ with One Bold Step


Effective disguise and Human Genome Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay Scientists break into the human genome of human cells and make them invisible, they gave human cells the ability to squid to hide A team of scientists has managed to make human cells hide, by modifying their genome using the squid genome, according to the

Biometric Identification: Discover how you are unique

Biometric Identification Along with your fingerprints  as an Biometric Identification, other parts of the body make you special and unique. Fingerprints are a very useful part of the human body. We are used to being identified with them, in addition to solving crimes, sealing contracts for approximately 100 years, now, it serves to unlock the