Heisenberg principle and Quantum physics


How Quantum physics supports Heisenberg principle Some quantum physicists believe that there are unspecified things in the universe. Rather, most physicists believe that nature itself is not certain about it, and on top of them is Werner Heisenberg who developed the “principle of uncertainty” that goes to the impossibility of knowing all the properties of a

The supposed ninth planet in the solar system might be a black hole

ninth planet

The ninth planet , A Planet or Black Hole? Scientists believe that groups of objects located on the edge of our solar system may indicate the presence of a huge object with the mass of the Earth’s super bodies behind Pluto might by the ninth planet. Scientists at Harvard University and the Black Hole Initiative

Quantum Secrets: All that we knew about the world might be completely wrong

Even the complexities of everyday life, the rules of our universe seem reassuring simple. If there is a solid bridge supports my weight, the water flowing underneath always goes downhill and when I throw a stone it always flies through the air following a predictable, path but as scientists peer deep into the tiny building