Type 1 Civilization: Can we humans get to that Kardashev scale point?

Photo by Victor Garcia on Unsplash

Imagine that you can control earthquakes or tsunamis to generate the energy we need. Or even terraform the planets of the solar system. These are just a few things that can happen if human civilization sets out to move into the future.

So, can we humans get to that same point? Or the possible advances that can happen.

And what makes us think whether or not we can progress to a specific point.

All global civilizations can be classified into what is called Kardashev.

It is responsible for measuring the ability of a particular civilization to use the energy that is available for a specific scale ranging from 1 to 3.

At present, humanity is not reaching Type 1 civilization. This is because we do not use all the forms of energy that Earth can provide us. We only use wood, coal and oil. But there are more possibilities. So what aspects of humanity would change if they evolved into other types of civilizations?

Type 1 civilization

So being a Type 1 civilization usually means having control over all the elements that provide energy on earth. This implies that we can say goodbye to fossil fuels because they are limited and unsustainable.

To change this, we can use wind, sunlight, or water to alleviate the energy needs we have. Since energy is accessible, we may not have to pay the electricity bill that you consume. So in a type 1 civilization, we are going to use energy continuously. This is something very essential, it could even resemble oxygen. With this, we can start using natural disasters to use it to our advantage. Tsunamis themselves can produce energy or earthquakes are used to be terraformed in different parts of the world. With humans, complete control over the planet’s energy sources, we can then control the weather.

If a desert that suffers a drought, we can scatter the rain clouds over it.

Humanity could even say goodbye to everything related to global warming since the atmosphere will have carbon-neutral controlling the planet’s temperatures.

The casualties caused by natural disasters would be reduced since we can predict when and where they happen.

Not only that, but we are going to be able to live on Earth that we would not have had the opportunity to do before. Living in such a civilization would be good.

However, having everything so perfect, we are going to get pretty bored. So what if humanity goes one step further to become a Type 2 or Type 3 civilization?

Type 2 civilization

Type 2 civilization is going to mean that we can harness the energy of the sun to use on Earth, although not only on it but in the entire Solar System as we want. We have the power to travel and terraform Mars. Or planets like Neptune.

Type 3 civilization

By becoming a Type 3 civilization, we would allow the energy of the entire galaxy to be used. So since the Kardeshev scale was invented in the 1960s, scientists have brought up other possible types of civilizations, namely the fourth and fifth. This is where things get complicated. This could not be fully defined with scientists. It is safe to say that you can become any of these civilizations, you can take advantage of the energy of the Universe to get through without problems.

Being a type 5 civilization, something that means we would be gods. Here we can control or manipulate the Universe the way we want at all times.

We don’t know when it will be possible for us to evolve into other civilizations, experts agree that humanity will reach type 1 in the next 100 years. This makes humanity live long enough in the first place.

Considering that global warming is getting worse and humanity is not taking any concrete action to stop it too quickly, we don’t know what might happen.

So to become a type 1 civilization, we may need to go back in time.