Elon Musk: What if we cannot secure the artificial intelligence

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A blurry future

Elon Musk pondered the thinking about the reality of artificial intelligence and its strong capabilities, and this led him to the belief in the necessity of integrating ourselves with machines if we wanted the continuation of the human race, and for this purpose, he established an emerging company to develop the computer-brain interface technology necessary for this, and despite the fact that the laboratory established by Mask Open »Develop an AI that can teach itself, but Musk recently said that the success rate of efforts to make AI artificially safe is only 5-10%.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Elon Musk talked about these negative possibilities with his company, “Neuralink“, which is working on developing computer-brain interface technology, and Musk has publicly admitted that artificial intelligence technology not only offers great potential but may also cause serious problems, according to Although Musk the Big is involved in developing AI.

The challenge of making AI safe is about two things:

The first, the main goal of artificial intelligence, which OpenEA is developing, is to build AI that is not only smarter than humans but also has the ability to self-learn without any human intervention, and this may lead us to the unknown.

The second thing is that there is no moral imperative in machines and you cannot feel remorse or show any emotions to others, and AI may be able in the future to distinguish between right and wrong actions, but it will not be able to express human feelings explicitly.

Musk, in his meeting with Rolling Stone, explained more risks and problems currently associated with artificial intelligence, including the possibility of a few companies taking control of the artificial intelligence sector, and referred to Google’s Depmind company as a prime example. That show more interest in user privacy – more information about users than users themselves remember, so there is a high risk of concentrating power in the hands of a few companies, it is unreasonable for a group of people at Google to control general artificial intelligence – which represents a large amount of power – without Control. »

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