Elon Musk: What if we cannot secure the artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Is it worth the risk?

Not all experts agree with Musk’s opinion, as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that he is optimistic about the future of humanity with the presence of AI, describing Musk’s statements as “irresponsible”, and in return, Stephen Hawking publicly expressed his opinion that AI systems pose a great danger to humanity To the point where it may take its place.

“We still lack the basic and methodological knowledge necessary to achieve serious results in artificial intelligence and solve problems related to it,” said Sergei Nikolenko, a Russian computer scientist who specializes in machine learning and network algorithms for Futurism. You decide to overthrow the human being,” and that’s what Musk might agree on, but Musk’s view focuses more on how to build future AI, depending on what we have today.

There are now AI systems capable of creating other artificial intelligence systems, systems capable of talking to each other in their own language, and reconnaissance systems, and although the idea of the uniqueness of robots and their uprising on humans may now seem like pure science fiction, the evolution of artificial intelligence makes these The idea can happen in the future, but these concerns are not a sufficient reason to stop developing artificial intelligence. We now have artificial intelligence capable of diagnosing cancer diseases, identifying suicidal behavior, and helping to stop sex trafficking.

Artificial intelligence technology has the ability to save and improve human lives, so we must find laws to make AI safe in the future. As for Mask’s warnings, it is ultimately the opinion of one man, and this is what Musk himself said to Rolling Stone: “I don’t know all the answers, “I try to know the set of measures that can be taken to make the future better, and if you have suggestions in this regard, I am ready to listen to them.”

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