What is the 5G network? Does China use Huawei as a “Trojan horse”?

Do fifth-generation networks threaten the environment and public health?

The public’s fear in the West and the active associations and activists in the field of environmental protection from the new technology stems from the fact that millions of users will be forced to replace their fourth-generation smartphones with a new one compatible with 5G technology.

The average cost of new mobile phones is $ 650 as a model for Huawei, Samsung, Sony, and Xiaomi.

This shift will lead to an increase in the number of unusable phones, which constitutes a threat to the environment in the absence of effective mechanisms to recycle and manufacture old phones.

The introduction of fifth-generation technology will also lead to increased energy consumption, given the requirements of these new networks in the rapid connection of millions of phones and the Internet of things per square kilometer, especially when using the 26 GHz frequency level, which will also result in an increased number of aerials to connect between different cities and roads to ensure New network coverage.

Are electromagnetic waves really dangerous?

According to the latest WHO reports for the year 2018, there is no negative effect of mobile phones frequency, and it has not been proven otherwise.

But with the fifth generation, the situation can change as technically 5G has a stronger “electromagnetic fog” compared to what is found in the second and third and fourth generation and Bluetooth.

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