The supposed ninth planet in the solar system might be a black hole

Mysterious movements on the edge of the solar system

Scientists believe that they have found the cause of mysterious movements on the edge of the solar system, asserting that it is not what was previously believed to be the ninth planet.

Scientists previously believed that some of the celestial bodies, on the periphery of the solar system, revolve in unusual orbits, which suggests that what is happening is a completely different matter.

These mysterious, unknown moves led some scientists to believe that they are caused by a giant invisible planet 10 times larger than the Earth that has hidden in the darkness of space on the edge of the solar system.

The scientists pointed out that no celestial or space object had been discovered, but other scientists assumed the existence of the ninth planet due to the extraordinary orbit in which a space object moves around the Earth and the solar system.

However, scientists have developed a new study with an entirely different interpretation from previous interpretations of these mysterious space moves, centered on the existence of a disk composed of small icy bodies that gathered together, the size of which became 10 times the size of the Earth.

This explanation came to clarify the unusual orbital motion similar to the motions and rotations of some distant objects in the solar system, as well as explain what is believed to be the ninth planet not discovered.

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