How its bad if Antarctica continuing turning green ?


What if Antarctica Turns Green ? Climatic conditions have become more severe since the start of the industrial transformation in the world, and this has led to devastating effects on ecosystems and various species, and climate change today threatens the viability of the Earth’s surface this time in Antarctica. New changes in Antarctica amazed the

Why solar system surrounding by strange bubble ?

solar system

The solar system bubble looks like an object from a science fiction movie! Humans have only sent two objects beyond the edges of the solar system, NASA’s Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes. And outside the heliosphere, the interstellar space extending between stellar systems is a space bubble created by the sun. For years, astronomers

The supposed ninth planet in the solar system might be a black hole

ninth planet

The ninth planet , A Planet or Black Hole? Scientists believe that groups of objects located on the edge of our solar system may indicate the presence of a huge object with the mass of the Earth’s super bodies behind Pluto might by the ninth planet. Scientists at Harvard University and the Black Hole Initiative

What Happen if we lost the half of the world population ?


This will force us to reorganize societies and world population. Globally, in world population recent researches the birth rate has begun to decline in remarkable proportions, which will enter humanity in a critical era by the year 2100. Some countries will witness a significant decrease in their world population during the current century, and according

What happens if a Black Hole “settles” near our Earth?

Earth and Black Hole

But what if a black hole literally appears on our doorstep. What happens if an “uninvited guest” with a size of 1 mm “settles” near our Earth? Physicists asked a similar question in 2008, when the Large Hadron Collider was launched. Then, many scientists, among whom was also Stephen Hawking, feared that this greatest invention